FLASHBACK: My Top 5 90’s Style Staples

So I got a little nostalgic and started pulling up some of favorite tunes from high school.  In jamming at my desk to Guy, Toni Tony Tone, and Heavy D. (R.I.P), and the incomparable Queen Latifah, I started to reminisce on the clothes that defined my look in the 90’s.  Hopefully, you will see something that sparks a memory.


Yes, yes, yes!  Who could resist the baggy swag, figure forgiving flow of the baggy overalls.  One up, one down, both straps fastened, or let the top completely hang down to showcase your Cross Colours or Karl Kani top.  I sure couldn’t resist.  Well frankly, I didn’t try.
Label for Overalls & Bright Colors 90s Hip Hop by Ray Swift

Patent Leather Oxfords and Combat Boots

I could trust nothing else to finish off my carefully selected ensembles.  Whether cut off shorts or a big pair of Girbauds or the aforementioned overalls, this gave you the tools to do what Brother J of the beloved X-Clan called “Walkin, stalkin in my big black boots.”  No, I had nowhere of not to go, but should the opportunity arise, I would not be caught slippin’.

Shirt and Tie a la Good Girls

I can’t say that I know why I thought bringing this look to the good people of  Tacoma was a good idea.  I am proud to say though, it caught on at my high school.  I was feelin’ myself for that one.  I didn’t rock the skirt, but instead opted for baggy jeans and a pair of shiny black boots (see above).  The Good Girls were a short lived success, but they were a cool little flash in the Black music pan.  My best friend and I knew every last word of “Your Sweetness.”  I wore out the cassette that I proudly purchased at my local Tower Records.  Good times.  What a dork I was.

Big Hoops.  No, like REALLY big.

I LOVED Jody Watley.  A nerd transitioning into socially acceptable couldn’t have asked for better swan songs than Real Love, Some Kind of Lover, and Lookin’ for a New Love.  Although these hits took off in the late 80’s, my affection for Jody’s signature hoops endured in the 90’s.  Gargantuan. Silver. Hoops.  Recognize.

The Hair

Yes, indeedy.  As with every generation before me, and all that follow, sisters rock the flyest hair.  I, too, wanted a piece of the pie.  I would say 2 classic looks dominated my 90’s hair:

The Bang  – The crafting of the bang was nothing short of  an art form.  Parting the hair, achieving the perfect balance of flip back and curl forward, and working the hair spray/oil sheen combo to arrive at a sturdy, glossy cherry on top of your slicked back ponytail, mushroom cut, bob, wrap.  Let me show you what I’m talkin’ about:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Braids – Box or Dookie; I gladly bought a few bags a hair and braved the smell as the ends were burned to a nice, sealed crisp.  Two classic braid icons:

Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice

While I am so proud of the progress I’ve made, these were treasured pit stops on the stairway to personal style.  Thanks for walking with me down memory lane.  Let’s end with a 90’s hip hop classic, shall we?

QUESTION: What were your 90’s style staples? Share, share, share!


So to show my true blue trust in you all, I’ve updated this one with some real live pics of me from the 90’s!  Be kind, people.  I’m takin’ a risk here:


This is a B-day pic with my dad…big bangs, big glasses, big watch and unnecessarily bright Cosby show cardigan.  Eek.


Please share your 90’s fashion faux pas, memories, and flashbacks.

Word to your mutha.


2 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: My Top 5 90’s Style Staples

  1. brown betty says:

    Thanks for the cardi love, Kenny. I loved this sweater. I was destroyed when I could no longer keep it presentable with my handy fuzz remover. God forbid I actually take it to the cleaners, right?

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