Peace March in My Hood

Bryant Montessori here in Tacoma marched through the Hilltop to promote neighborhood unity. Kids, parents, and a big ole dove. This blessed me. How can we be ACTIVE participants in the betterment of our communities? Can we, as adults, empower and trust youth to spearhead the efforts that will impact them? Can we share the spotlight, the power, and most importantly, the credit in revitalizing and healing our neighborhoods? We better recognize.





Blessings and incredible happiness this weekend. Betty loves you.


One thought on “Peace March in My Hood

  1. Pt says:

    Thank you for your acknowledgment of how youth ARE the catalyst for social change. I remember learning that it was a 15 year old that first died in a march for the end to apartheid in South Africa. It was students who led the protest against Bantu education! Very often I have been reminded of that sacrifice of a “baby” and challenged myself accordingly. Thanks for the poke

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