Wisdom: It Aint’ Just for Yoda

Local badass, Patricia Talton breaks down the importance of incorporating WISDOM, rather than simply intellect as we work to transform our communities and ourselves.  Watch:

Pushing beyond the shortcomings and restrictions of the merit based system in which we operate is imperative to creating and advocating for systems, policies, and relationships that are inclusive, equitable, and just human.  Wisdom always considers and uplifts the needs of the collective versus individual benefit.

How are you striving for wisdom in your work and relationship?

If I was asked this, I would first panic.  I’d sweat, get a little nauseous, then take solace in the roots that fed the people that gave me life.  I practice wisdom by pausing before I speak.  By reflecting, on both my motives, and the continuum of stakeholders at play.  Whether it’s my own children, or the youth with which we work; my circle of friends, or virtual strangers whose path cross with my own.  I must sit still, sit in the uncertainty, and let my heart and instinct lead me.  It’s not a sexy sell.  It’s not evidence based or rooted in any theoretical model.  It is, however, the tie that binds me to other human beings.  My spirit, my soul is fed by the act of respecting and feeding the soul and spirit of others.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu presses us to practice this life of interdependence called Ubuntu, which states “I am because you are.” There is no triumph for me without an equal victory for you.  Abundance prevails over scarcity and rivalry.  There is always enough for everyone, because individually, we make it so.  To operate any other way is unacceptable.  Caring for the whole is not only smart, it is wise.  For if we give voice to more than just our needs, we are not just engaging in community, we are taking ownership of it. And ultimately, we are caring for ourselves in a way that no degree, promotion, or economic windfall could.   

Wise Woman, by Veeno. On veenomandala.com

Back on track with Inadequate Woman’s Syndrome this weekend.  Stay tuned.

Mad love and unending blessings.



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