Happy Mother’s Day

Whether you are celebrating a legacy, trying to break a cycle, or working to overcome estrangement or separation, take today to reflect upon and honor mothers and their role in our individual and collective journeys. Working, stay at home, foster, adoptive, baby mama, big sis, or that mean auntie you would always stay away from, she lives on, despite death sentences from every angle. Without judgment and showering sublime respect and love, lift up the nurturers. The execution might sting, and it may not look like the TV told you it should, but you got here from being first swaddled and cradled, then toddling and walking, even defiantly strolling down a road lined with the faces, hands, nudges, lullabies, and laughter of mother figures. And look how exceptional you turned out.

Here’s to all the bad mamma jammas!


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