Where I’m From

Zion and I soaked up some of our sparse sunshine Sunday. It was great though, because we live about a block and a half from McKinley Park. It’s an exceptional place for single parents because it’s free and it wears your kids out. Yes, they have the typical playground big toys and such, but they also have a lovely sprinkler and fountain area suitable for toddlers and teenagers. Zion threw on his board shorts and got his aqua groove going. I found a dry spot close to the action and took in the blessing and rhythm of my neighborhood.

If you think Tacoma is lame, you’re misinformed. Depending on who you are, I might even set my diplomacy aside and call you stupid. My city breathes, vibrates, sighs and recovers, a million times every day. It bursts with hungry souls and selfish wanderers, it sweats with the fury of the forgotten. Most importantly, my city is God’s. I know this because my hood has the ability to process tragedy, anticipate healing, and invite children to giggle all in the same day. Even in the very same space. The east side is such a place. And on an average Sunday, my son and I discovered McKinley Playfield was such a place. Check out the action below.

I work my ass off. In doing so, I fight off the guilt of missing a special moment with my kids, or having to arrange for caregivers or depend on my oldest to look after the little guy while I work late. Whether you are a working mom, stay at home, or cost parent, when you have an intense love and commitment to invest in a young soul, there will never be enough you can do, there are not enough hours in the day to capture the lessons you’d like to convey, or th snuggle time you think they deserve. Bones weary, minid tired, your pride bruised by the realities of the world, you find yourself simply out of energy needed by a curious and eager mind. it sucks, it’s discouraging, but it is what it is. As such, I cling to weekends, movies, my front yard, and books to communicate devotion to my children. So, when we got an extended stint of good weather, we were getting it in.

Places of tragedy and notoriety can also be gardens for grace and opportunity. They are stolen moments for struggling families, escapes for the tormented mind, and watering holes for the wavering egos of our teenagers.  Use your local parks, engage in your city. Fuck the headlines. Tacoma thrives despite nay sayers and critics. I choose to bear witness to the transformation.






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