New ‘Do: Yarn Braids

In light of what I know will be a whirlwind summer at work and at home, I’ve opted for a protective style to give my fro (and my shoulders) a rest. I didn’t want cornrows as I knew I’d need to re-style often, same thing with twists.  In the numerous hours I’ve spent on Pinterest (don’t judge), I came across yarn braids, and the natural hair light bulb went off.  They took about 10 hours to put in, but they have saved me so much styling time in the mornings and evenings! I love their lightness and versatility. They also have a natural, almost loc-like appearance that is fun and funky. I opted for long layers and have put together a collection of some styles to get your feedback. Check it:

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If you are looking for a low maintenance but stylish option, I encourage you to do a little research on yarn braids to ensure they are right for you. If so, give them a shot. There are some great tutorials on YouTube from blackonyx, granolaheads2010, and MsVcharles on preparation, care, maintenance, and styles.  In terms of maintenance, I use just spray twice a day with Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Moisture Mist, and rub some tea tree and castor oil around my edges twice a day.  Wrap that mug up in the silk scarf and I’m done!  Love it.  Very easy to wash (every 2 weeks), and as I said the styling options are endless.  I’ll continue to post updates.  I know I”m going to miss my fro soon, but right now, I’m enjoying  a change.

What other styles are you rockin for the summer? As always, let your light shine from within, and the universe will follow. Woooooorrrrrrrrrk!


5 thoughts on “New ‘Do: Yarn Braids

    1. brown betty says:

      Thanks! I will post an update in a couple of weeks as I’m going to on a little vacay. They are holding up great with my frequent workouts, so that’s promising. Thank you for reading!

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