Yes, I Drank the Kool-Aid. Want a Sip?

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend…I’m inside, avoiding the torrential downpour here in the Pacific Northwest.  Oh well, more time to sip my libations, and yes, veg out on Pinterest.  Much more than a hot bed of consumerism, I use Pinterest to inspire my writing and overall creativity.  I’m very much a visual person and enjoy photography, as well as taking in others’ perspectives on the world around them.  I’ve found workouts, beautiful natural hair ideas, and a plethora of fuel for my campaign to promote body love.  It’s an easy, accessible, and satisfying little way to continually push the definitions around standards of beauty; an ever present imperative when you have a teenage daughter.  Pinterest makes me do this sometimes:

My fellow blogger, Lil Forty Ounce, offers some honest reflections here on the overall yumminess of Pinterest.

How do you feel about Pinterest? Good, bad, or bull?  If nothing else, you can get another glimpse of my twisted mind by following me on Planet Pinterest by clicking here.

Pardon me while I mix a Captain and Coke, and delve back into my Pinterest Soup.

Blowing you a kiss,



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