Future of the Funk: Sundaze at the Social

Hello, my lovelies! Forgive my absence, Betty needed a little R & R. Palm Springs was beautiful, but there’s no place like home. And I just had to share the new Sunday afternoon hot spot. My brotha from anotha motha, Eddie Sumlin, aka Mr. Melanin, is dropping mad beats and chill vibes every Sunday afternoon from 2 to 6 pm right here in T-town. Sundaze at the Social offers good eats, dope tracks, smart cocktails, and more importantly, mad ambience. You’ll be head bobbin’ and hob nobbin’, baby! Mr. Melanin offers masterful mixes to include funk, neo soul, hip hop, world, and just overall deliciousness. Sexy ear candy, rolled in nickel bag of funk. This brotha is the truth, and his intention is to offer a unique platform for fly guys and gals to gather and vibe. You need to check it out. Sunshine, soul, swag….you know you want some. Act like you know.
Sundaze at the Social
2-6 p.m.






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