Badu Dat Sh–! Decibel Festival Hits Seattle



My, my, my. What an evening I had last night. Despite feeling under the weather, I slipped into my platform booties and went to a concert. I got a soul full last night as I drank in the incomparable Erykah Badu at the Paramount. She was the truth; the absolute. Ms. Badu’s newest project is The Cannabanoids; a cross-genre interpretation of soul stirring and electronic music, complete with light show. Classic hip-hop, soul, techno, I even heard a little gospel influence in there. Proof positive that music is nothing short of the ultimate bridge; regardless of the multitude of paths taken – rock, hip hop, pop, jazz – the destination is collective escapism. And Erykah et al. were our gracious tour guides. Yes, she performed some of her popular hits (On & On, Other Side of the Game, Love of My Life), but the music had intense texture, energy, and all out funk. The mix of keys, turntables, live drums, vocals, scratching, and drum machines was on point. All hailing from Dallas, The Cannabanoids are a breath of fresh air bridging the digital intricacies of hip hop and electronic with live instrumentation. Confused, but intrigued? Here’s a great interview with the group breaking down their approach.

The sole female amongst 6 dudes on stage, my girl remained the brightest light. Mama sings from her toes out to her fingertips! She offered her whole self, engaging with the crowd high and low. And some of the crowd was mighty high (puff puff give, for real!).

I so appreciated watching her work. In a fly black fedora and psychadelic leggings, Erykah led a seriously mixed crowd straight to the center of Funkytown. Damn I hope I get to go back soon. Let’s wrap it up with my favorite jam from last night: Danger. If your head don’t bob to this, get your ass to the altar so we can lay hands on you.



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