Keep on Movin’


I’m glad to be back. The flu kicked my ample ass. I have honestly NEVER had a flu like that. Almost a month later, I’m still coughing. Nevertheless, now that the Nyquil fog has cleared, I’m back to share what’s on my aching, but ever ready heart. Interdependence and movement. These are the words feeding my mind’s fire. I make a habit of cushioning the blow of the morning by cruising the MSN pics of the week. They bring the trials of our brothers and sisters here and abroad to life, and they remind me to live in gratitude. Check it out, and you’ll see what I mean. So, I’m sipping on my dark roast, laced with coconut milk creamer (so much easier on my stomach), and I come across the photo above.

Nope. Don’t keep reading yet. Take it in for at least 30 seconds. Follow the winding bridge, trace the silhouettes, the rich and dense tones in the sky. I love the two elements at play here of oneness and unity, of stillness and movement. I feel that we are all in a tug of war of individual need and obligation to others. And in this war, we move and stop, we fall down and get up, we love and we lose. And if we are smart, we find ways to laugh loudly and unapologetically. And we let ourselves weep and mourn through the pain and disappointment.

Keep on movin, loves. Regardless of the next benchmark or the magnitude of your actions, keep moving and speaking and cussing and cooking and caring, really caring for your spirit despite your surroundings. Guard your heart from the poison of haters, and gag your inner critic.
You’re loved, you’re fly, your presence makes it so.



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