Go Betty, It’s Your Birthday!

I looked up to find that this time last year I had just launched Brown Betty. I’ve managed to sustain this for over a year. This is no small feat considering the only thing I’ve managed to keep alive that long is my children and my pug. As I reflect on this first anniversary, I am humbled by the support and encouragement from my peeps, male and female, young and seasoned, who have not only inspired my posts, but supported my process, shared my work, and got in my ass when I fell off.
I am blessed to know you, and so grateful to watch you in this world. I want to share my favorite posts from this year. I picked these greatest hits based on how quickly I teared up reading them. While it’s not a scientific method, it’s definitely a valid measure of movement; in my soul and spirit.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

1. The Launch My very first post. After much deliberation and trepidation, I published this first post while on a work trip in DC. It felt good as a new form of release. I didn’t care if anybody read it. I cared that I followed through on something without knowing where it would lead. It was the first faith I had placed in myself since I did the dead man’s drop off the monkey bars in elementary school.

2. We Wear the Mask As a member of any oppressed group, you master the art of code switching. You learn the art of navigation and the importance of intuition. It’s how we outlive time; how we thrive despite obstacle. We are the love child of God and resilience. This post reminds me of the endless pursuit of survival, and the costs of this struggle.

3. How Deep is Our Love The scars of oppression are real. And unfortunately, new wounds are made every day. Self-love evades us as a people, and this post reminds me of my personal responsibility in celebrating self.

4. Art In Our Own Image
I’m still thirsty for real and dignified images of the black female form. I want our beauty honored without ulterior motives. Period.

5. Love Overboard Ah, the bittersweet reminder that parenting is spirit stirring, thankless buzzkill. Trusting your gut and leading with love will never steer you wrong. Traditions be damned.

As I embark on my round 2, I anticipate love, nausea, travel, hang nails, tears, mind blowing sex, finally finding a green leather hobo to compliment my wardrobe…you know a usual year in the life of a single mom.

I thank you for continuing to love on me. Your comments, shout outs, and virtual fist bumps make Betty’s heart skip a beat. Never leave, hear?




One thought on “Go Betty, It’s Your Birthday!

  1. Lynd C Pritchard says:

    I would love to congratulate you on making it to your 1 year Brown Betty birthday! Honestly I had forgotten you wrote this blog and then it appeared on my FB feed this a.m. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Due to some events yesterday I was heavy with concern and left pondering many questions. I had a sense of sabotage in my world…..people [or person] trying to push me down. This made me question my self, my choices and my actions.

    After reading your blog today I feel a sense of hope, strength and even clarity. By you sharing your life via this blog and all its wondrous literary glory I was inspired and reminded that I’m not alone in these struggles. So thank you for that! I look forward to a second year of Brown Betty.

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