The Bitch is Back…and I’m Mad as Hell


Hey babies…how I missed your energy, your ear, and your love. Got about half of my shit together so here I be. Back with some words for the well intentioned assholes I so often tolerate to avoid jail time. I got babies, after all, right?

The Proof

The proof is me, you simpleton.
I am both witness and testimony.
See, me and mine, we sit, lean,
jump and sigh into this shit.
All this shit.
Because it can’t be broke down, broke out,
or segmented like a chocolate bar,
doled out or
dispensed like communion wafers
to the cloudy eyed us.
Your helping hand is a thin grinning lie.
It reeks of guilt and foolish intent;
it breeds blindness,
but my people see everything.
Our perfect sight fights your myopia,
Clarity brings us to solstice
and charity pushes and pulls on justice.
The difference between the two
like a breeze and a hurricane.
One flighty and targeted to the visible,
the other uproots to the foundation and
demands reconstruction.
So I ask, to which train will you hitch you car?
Which result do you deem most worthy?
Either way, we won’t wait.

So there it is. I’ll be back soon….for real.


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