No More Dreaming in the Dark

Why do we shy away from our brightest gifts? We hold them close, almost suffocate them. Keep them secret as if tending to them will make them turn on us, like a venus flytrap that eats the very owner that fed and nurtured it. We cover it up like a blemish when in actuality it is the most beautiful, extraordinary, blessed part of us. It’s why we are here. It’s what drives the very beat of our heart, the special silhouette of our soul. I’m talking about our purpose ya’ll. We all, even the most broken, obnoxious, bitchy, raggedy one of us, have a unique contirbution that no one else does.
A spiritual fingerprint to place on this planet.
I postpone, buried, and ran from mine out of fear and foolishness. But that is over. The love of Him and the angels He’s sent to me snatched the blinders off of my face, and now it’s on. Because I got something to say, damn it. And so do you. Feed and share your gifts. Your fear is unfounded. It’s a lie, and I need to hear what you have to say. I need to see your light so I can keep shining mine.
Dont’ know what your gift is? Sit still for just a little longer, and it will reveal itself to you. It’s waiting under your to-do list, between the errands you keep running, it might be tucked just behind a conversation with your kids, your friends, even a random exchange with a stranger. Be open, aware, and awake. Whatever is yours in the universe will find you. Be still…it will find you.
This is our lives, love. Be free in it. Let’s kick up some joy and turn this shit around.

Tutu – We Are Made for Goodness


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