WTF Friday

A few moments of utter disbelief and confusion brought us by White Privilege, Hood Fuckery, and Damn You, America

  1. Ladora Sapho, despite earning a 4.135 gpa has been denied the role of valedictorian.  Why you ask?  He entered the school as a sophomore, and a policy (that no one can produce in writing, mind you) states you must attend the school seven semesters to be valedictorian. Education as the great equalizer huh?  Lying asses. Read more here.
  2. 2 brothas arrested for sagging pants at a waffle house.  Dont’ get me wrong, I HATE sagging.  I’m tired of seeing underwear too, but you gonna arrest two young men for being tacky?  Why was it that damn serious? Does that mean I can arrest White men for wearing skinny jeans, or better yet, women with camel toe?  Let me go warm up my paddy wagon now cuz I’m fittin’ to hit the streets.
  3. Another bag of steaming shit disguised as hip hop:


Now, I’m all for sexual liberation, but damn.  I just have no words. I need a couple episodes of Iyanla to restore my faith in humanity. 

And I’m out.




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