May I Have Your Attention Please?

A meditation hall is not a place for bliss and relaxation, but a furnace room for the combustion of our egoistic delusions. What tools do we need to use? Only one. We’ve all heard of it, yet we use it very seldom. It’s called attention.
-Charlotte Joko Beck

To what are you devoting your mental energy? Whatever you feed with the fruit of your mind and spirit will grow. Period. Feed fear and shame and you will soon be consumed by it…believe me I know. Now, I didn’t pop in today to preach to y’all. Not only am I not a preacher, I’m in no way equipped to direct the moral and religious pathways of anyone but me and my kids. But I belief down to my gut that sharing my missteps may plant a seed for another discouraged cell in this tumultuous world. As an exercise in taking my own advice I will offer the things to which I am paying attention today:

I found love. I remain in awe of the blessing it is to me. I will honor it. Kiss hello. Kiss good bye, Eggs how you like. Honesty. Feeding the love in my life with little remembrances keeps its roots nurtured and solid. It assures the universe that I cherish this gift. It also leaves little room for uncertainty to creep in and breed. LIfe is fragile but love need not be. Love with certainty. It doesn’t have to be a precarious matter. Tend to the sureness of your love for yourself and those in your heart.

My present is my priority. Although saturated with mistakes, I am unable to go back in time. So I will pay attention to the choices in front of me today. This is the hardest and requires constant redirection of my thoughts. It also means I have to be deliberate about the company I keep. We all have those that we hold close who are hell bent on criticism as their primary mode of communication. You love them, but fantasize about gagging them with a dirty sock and duct tape. Because you can’t make this fantasy a reality you are stuck, at the dinner table or on the couch or in the passenger seat of their car, marinating in their sour grapes until your fingers get pruny. And now, you have to spend the rest of the day trying to get the residue of stank they left behind off of your countenance. Never fun. Guard yourself from such ordeals when you can.

Choose to feed possibilities rather than regrets. Breed hope where it is scarce and you will be fed at the precise moment you need it.


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