This Grit Ain’t No Eyesore – Musing from 253’s

Had a great time contributing to the Laureate Listening Project. Check me out…I’m number 38!  However while you are there, look at the breadth, scope and layers of citizenry in T-town.  Shout out to Lucas Smiraldo for putting this together and sharing it. So often, we think of neighbors and community in the abstract; a “thing” outside of ourselves.  However, this demonstrates not just our closeness, but our connectedness.  If we can remember this more, perhaps we will feel a call to use the wisdom needed to serve even the least of us.  With the recent hate crime on the Eastside, I was prompted to wonder if a stranger would show up if I was violated in this way.  Even more important, will your “neighbor” show up if it isn’t an overt, violent crime, but an undercover dig or better yet the most damaging violation of all – SILENCE.  If my voice isn’t invited to the table, my literal presence isn’t acknowledged (it happens frequently), would any one intercede to call out the crime? I wonder…what prompts us to resist comparison and just care for each other?


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