It’s About Every Hour

As I get deeper into this journey launching Brown Betty into a real live business (gulp), I’m working hard to just keep moving.  Moving, producing, doing.  If I stop, I say a quick prayer, and get back to the moving, producing, doing.  Because when I stop the uncertainty of it all begins to ring in my ear like a warning.  I know enough to not listen, trust my vision, walk this out and be true to my journey.  But why let the fear grow legs and run around my head?  Umm, no thanks. 

I spent 40 years living a life diluted.  Each time inspiration struck, I put it on a shelf for a “better” time and continued to go through the motions.  So stupid.  I mean, I was cute.  Always cute, but stupid as hell.  Deceived by the promise of tomorrow.  I’m not there anymore.  I’d be lying if I said there was a single moment of clarity, some epiphany laced with tears and a string section.  There wasn’t.  Rather, I simply decided to stop waiting. It was a good decision because for once my anxiety was based on something that excited me versus something based on unsubstantiated worry.  I mean, if you’re going to be scared let it be for the thrill of a success well earned, or even a failure undeserved.  I need to walk away from this without regret so the outcome is so much less important than the experience.  May sound corny but it’s real. It’s real for so many of us to grow weary of postponing passions.

A wonderful component to this journey is participaitng in the Spaceworks Creative Enterprise program. Amazing, passionate entrpeneurs. Great training, mentors and experience. Most importantly, an additional community to hold me accountable, share the scary, and celebrate the risk we are all taking. Look at these fabulous folks!

As part of the process we’ve read through Doug Richard’s book for creative entrepeneurs.  Lots of visuals, deymstified jargon and strategy, a real comfort to my newbie ass. I came upon this list and loved it.  Have a look see:  

I think they are all clever, but I love #3.  Adjusting my focus to every hour vs. day, week, year long goals  provides a feasibility and an urgency that makes this business a strategic chaos I can manage.  Navigating 60 minutes at a time brings me immediate answers to the bigger questions.  I may not know the exact market share I want to secure, but I know how I can leverage the next hour to design, produce and execute products that matter to my customers.  I can talk with women needing natural skin care that is luxurious but affordable.  I can make sepia, chocolate, peach, and butterscotch skin glow and smell like heaven.  I can turn a phrase to remind ssomeone that they are loved and important despite their flaws. And I can make myself a cocktail, sit down and design a piece that lights you up from the inside out.  One hour at a time. That I can handle.

Which one resonates with you? What risks are you taking right now? 

Online shop launches April 1st…I sure hope you join me in the next chapter of BB.


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