A Rant: The Weight of Hate Ain’t Mine to Bear

Although I know that white people’s ignorance ain’t my problem, it invariably grows heavy on me. And I am beyond sick of it. I’m angry today. Just outdone.

Stop hating on folks from marginalized, colonized and oppressed populations who choose to express self love by simply being. By simply being who they are. By gathering without you to heal and revitalize, to be safe from observation, evaluation and fetishization. By standing out and not holding back.

How the fuck do you think we have survived this long?


Big hair, big hearts, language coded cool, souls so stunning we always remain connected to the Creator. Always.

When you resent virtual strangers for loving who they are, the problem lies with you, not them. You are literally put off by someone not diminishing themselves so you can remain comfortable. Really?

Fuck right off.


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