How We Fall into Free

No doubt you was born free,
that your spirit came
to the universe free.
Cuz you recognize and crave
the promise of freedom
in the universe,
but quickly recognize
the constant flurry of indicators
that you are not free.

Your living is conditional,
a contract you never signed
to shave yourself small,
vet your life through
a sieve that protects
the ugly nature of things.

The feared don’t get to be free.

And they are so scared of you
because they know
they have it coming.

So you are told
your life is theirs
for display and dissection
and one day you forget
it was a fairy tale
held dear by twisted scripture
and rotten hearts.

And then one day
you decide to call bullshit
on the whole blasted racket
after spending
a long, wistful afternoon
in the mirror.


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