Natural Hair and Beauty

Women are beautiful.  Our intrigue, swag, mystery, and sensuality inspire me to put my best face and spirit forward.  I’m now 2 big chops in with a good size fro on the rise yet again

I still feel the flush of liberation, lightness, and pride in having natural hair.  Now this is not to say that I have anything against sisters who process their hair.  And I include ALL ethnicities in this—by all means, perm it, weave it, thin it, loc it, bleach it…do what makes you walk taller and makes you hear your own sexy theme song as you walk down the street.

Brown Betty’s gonna have your back, regardless.  But for me, I renounce the traditional standards of beauty that have do so much violence to our girls and women.  I’ve been blessed to do some traveling for work, and in going to Africa, I was so transformed, so renewed in my identity as a Black woman because I was surrounded by women and girls who expressed and celebrated their heritage through their hair.  Hell yes, there were some sisters struggling, but I challenge you to find a country in the world where we aren’t  struggling with our hair. And even back in the States, my trips to D.C., Chicago, New York, Cincinnati revealed sisters rockin’ naturals AND men who loved it.  So, I thought to myself, I’m bringing this home to T-town, AND I’m encouraging other sisters in the Northwest to not be afraid to try something new.  Again, leading with my Brown Betty mantra of “Always loving, never judging,” I welcomed questions, affirmed those on the verge, and shook off stupid jokes.

My hair grew faster, I quickly found solidarity in a circle of women who had also gone natural, and enjoyed the affirmation of fellow women in my professional and personal circles.  Here’s some highlights from my journey:

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I have my frustrating days, and a bit of insecurity creeps in from time to time, but this look is true to who I am.  And I encourage you to push yourself, and the women around you, to be true to your self.  Whether that’s dipped in henna, a blue-black rinse, relaxed, or cinched with a phony pony, support the push for a flyer, saucier, happier you.


My Favorite Sources for Hair Info and Inspiration

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FranChescaleigh’s Blog

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Newly and looking for product recommendations? Debating on whether you should go natural? Hit me up!


9 thoughts on “Natural Hair and Beauty

  1. Pamela

    You, my dear, are the real deal. So blessed to have met with you and shared with you these past 2 days. And, I love your curls. Thanks for letting me read your blog. Such an inspiration for me to write, write, write.


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