Forgive them, Gabby, They Know Not What They Do!

I sit here seething at the utterly misguided and feeble comments criticizing Olympian Gabby Douglas’ hair.  WTF, people?!!! So much about these negative and smart ass comments infuriate me, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

First and foremost, the Olympics is about athletic prowess and the incredible will of the human spirit.  It ain’t no damn hair show.  The fact that people would even think to pay her hair any mind is a sad testament to the self-hatred that so many Blacks still feel.  That her outward appearance has to align itself with what is considered acceptable (straight, smooth, White) in order for her astounding achievement to be validated is fucking hogwash.  Shame on whoever has the unmitigated gall to call her hair into question. Before she even secured her win, this young lady has faced unfounded and needless criticism, unfavorable and skewed media coverage, and sub-par commentary which she has handled with poise and grace.  She has shown unwavering focus and maturity beyond her 16 years.

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Gabby has trained countless hours and demonstrated dedication and fortitude to represent not just her race, but her country. The physical, mental, and emotional toll this champion has endured was finally vindicated as she took home the gold.

She’s the first African-American to win gold in the women’s gymnastics all-around.  Recognize.

She’s the second African-American to be on Team USA in this event.  Olympic great Dominique Dawes is singing Gabby’s praises.

She has secured multi-million dollar endorsements as a result of her success.

And these dumb asses are asserting her ponytail wasn’t smooth enough? This criticism posted on social media for the world to watch Black people hate on our most accomplished; for those who already mock Black people/culture to obtain additional fodder for their white supremacist rhetoric?  That’s just great.

Go to hell, you short-sighted joy suckers.  This girl is a magnificent testament to commitment, and a role model to young girls (not just black girls) everywhere.

Soledad O’Brien weighed in on a great Get Real! panel discussion asking why Gabby’s success is being overshadowed by comments on her appearance.  I so appreciated those people of color publicly shutting down the ugly commentary and plugging affirmation, pride, and love in its place.

Proctor and Gamble, Gabby’s first endorsement, certainly finds no fault with her in this inspiring video about her journey to gold:

Gabby, play on, playa. Your victory feeds my fire and makes me proud.  Your beauty is undeniable, your integrity soars.


New ‘Do: Yarn Braids

In light of what I know will be a whirlwind summer at work and at home, I’ve opted for a protective style to give my fro (and my shoulders) a rest. I didn’t want cornrows as I knew I’d need to re-style often, same thing with twists.  In the numerous hours I’ve spent on Pinterest (don’t judge), I came across yarn braids, and the natural hair light bulb went off.  They took about 10 hours to put in, but they have saved me so much styling time in the mornings and evenings! I love their lightness and versatility. They also have a natural, almost loc-like appearance that is fun and funky. I opted for long layers and have put together a collection of some styles to get your feedback. Check it:

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If you are looking for a low maintenance but stylish option, I encourage you to do a little research on yarn braids to ensure they are right for you. If so, give them a shot. There are some great tutorials on YouTube from blackonyx, granolaheads2010, and MsVcharles on preparation, care, maintenance, and styles.  In terms of maintenance, I use just spray twice a day with Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Moisture Mist, and rub some tea tree and castor oil around my edges twice a day.  Wrap that mug up in the silk scarf and I’m done!  Love it.  Very easy to wash (every 2 weeks), and as I said the styling options are endless.  I’ll continue to post updates.  I know I”m going to miss my fro soon, but right now, I’m enjoying  a change.

What other styles are you rockin for the summer? As always, let your light shine from within, and the universe will follow. Woooooorrrrrrrrrk!