Show some love to a local treasure

What frustrates me most about those that bash Tacoma, is that they are content to remain unaware of the beauty, charms, swag, and blessings that happen in my city every, damn, day.  My city lives, breathes, and pushes day in and day out.  And her people respond.  And her people are my people.  They grind, they cry, they hide, they fight, and they strive to keep their head above water despite the systems that work against them.  It is in this tension that I serve my city.  To that end, part of serving T-town is making people aware of what goes on here.  Brown Betty’s Go See’s will tell you what’s crackin’ in our area.  Feel free to send me announcements to share.

We are so fortunate to have Native Quest Cultural Center right here in Tacoma!  It is a mind-blowing, and incredibly comprehensive resource for both Natives and non-Natives to learn about, celebrate, and honor Native American art, culture, and experiences.  Complete with a coffee shop, bookstore, library and museum, this is a wonderful day trip to take with your kids, mentees, and friends.  An inclusive and welcoming environment, Native Quest offers a monthly Indian market featuring the work of local artists as well as weekly classes and entertainment.  Very soon, Native Quest will be having a benefit for honoring Native American women veterans. Here’s another upcoming festival:

Support this center!  Raise the expectation for cultural appreciation and cross cultural engagement in our city.