Who the hell is Brown Betty?

The term “Betty” was inspired by the late, great pin up Betty Page, to describe an attractive and intriguing woman.  Over the years, the term evolved to describe a range of women from a chilled out beach bunny/surfer girl to a sophisticated diva.  I interpret these definitions and assert that a “Betty” is self-confident, stylish and most importantly, a positive force in the world around her.  To Betty, love is at the core of every endeavor. Love for self, love for community, and love of our sisters. Love is a verb, demonstrated only through generative actions and thought.  She never just takes what she’s fed; thinking critically is an imperative.  “Brown” was added as a qualifier to “Betty,” to pay homage to all women of color.  Decades of oppression, sexism, and racial injustice, have left our gifts, legacies, achievements, and rich histories untapped, unacknowledged, and sadly, discounted as irrelevant.  Recognizing this as a disservice, Brown Betty’s vision is to create a thriving, socially conscious, loving and inclusive community of women committed to engaging in authentic discourse, personal empowerment and community engagement.

 Through the unique lens of a woman of color in the Pacific Northwest, Brown Betty exists to inform, provoke thought, mobilize, and uplift her hometown sisters and friends.   I am an enthusiastic witness to our wonder. As a result, I created Brown Betty to capture, cultivate, and leverage that energy with the specific intention of breaking cycles of poverty, poor health, missed opportunities, and lost solidarity among our women and girls.